Our Principles

With the powerful assembly of talented people, to provide superior quality, healthier options, value for money products and services.

We strive to become a global giant for snacks industry. We are passionate in empowering the society, providing quality products and making the difference.

Superior taste and service Make it Simple

Our People

We are investing in Youths, regardless of the race, education level and religious believes.

Provide communication skills, flexible working days for further study and developing the business acumen.

Our Collaboration

Collaboration with various partners to maximize the reach.

Other Current partners include;

  • Feel Group
  • City Mart Holding
  • Ocean Supercenter
  • Mingalar Cinemas
  • Ruby Mart
  • Gandamar Wholesale
  • Sein Gay Har
  • Yuzana
  • Myint Myint Khin
  • Point Golden Sunflower Group
  • Yarzar Snacks and Wholesale
  • Ye Mon Tea Leaves

Caring for Community

We use two prongs approach to reach out to the community,

  • Helping the unfortunate and youngest from the society
    (Donation at Orphanages and School for special needs)
  • Building the capacity of the Youths so that today
    Youths will be readied to face the world.

Mobicorn is a partner of MIC for it’s Digital Media Management Student